Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja (Single Origin)

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Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Raisin & Granola

Process: Wet hulled

Altitude: 1300-2000

Formerly known as Celebes, coffee was introduced into Sulawesi centuries ago by the Dutch East India Company when Indonesia was under Dutch control. The first Typica plants arrived, as coffee production spread throughout Java and Sumatra. This Toraja Grade 1 Sulawesi coffee comes from various small holders. The cherries were double-picked, to remove any physical defects. The additional quality control practice ensures that only ripe red cherries are used. The coffee was then processed using the wet-hulled method (locally called “Giling Basah”), in the same way as other Indonesian coffees. This process helps to give the coffee its classic Sulawesi characteristics. [Genuine Origin]