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Colombia Los Jazmines (direct farm)

Colombia Los Jazmines (direct farm)

Tasting Notes: caramel, hazelnut and honeydew

Process: Marquesina

Altitude: 1900

We are excited to bring you new coffee directly from a third generation female cooperative in Colombia:

I (Carolina) am a coffee producer (3rd generation) and I am also member of DelosAndes Cooperativa in Colombia (Antioquia region). My brother, Santiago, and I are in charge of the administration of the farm and the commercialization of our coffee. During our main crop, I decided to lead a microlots’ project were I assumed the risk of taking some coffee from small farmers to NY and literally go knocking doors trying to sell them.

My purpose with this project is to help the small producers receive a better income by selling their coffee at a better price (given today’s low international coffee prices), and for them to be motivated to keep the good quality and continue with the coffee business.

The producers of this farm are Hector Gil and Doralba Diez. [De Los Andes Coffee]


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