Peekskill Brewery outpost is OPEN!

Wholesale Products

The pantry is always interested in strategic wholesale partnerships!

We offer the following products that we make in-house:
Direct Distribution
ordered from the pantry and shipped to your door or
for in-store pick up

Whole bean coffee
    5# bags
    6-12oz retail bags 
Cold Brewed Coffee Syrups
Dehydrated Espresso Powder
Chai Concentrate (Regular + Decaffeinated)

Cold Product Distribution
ordered through our distributors in New York State

Still Cold Brew Coffee Kegs - ⅙
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Kegs - ⅙
Still Cold Brew Coffee Kegs - ½
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Kegs - ½

Read to drink! Cold Brewed Coffee - 16/12oz PET
Ginger Elixirs - 16/12oz PET + 6/32oz PET
Turmeric Elixirs - 16/12 PET + 6/32oz PET
Cold Brew Tea - 16/12oz PET 
Still Cold Brew Tea Kegs - ⅙ 
Sparkling Cold Brew Tea Kegs - ⅙
flavors vary but usually caffeine free floral citrus, or black herbal