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  • 100-gram Sample Whole Bean Packs (6 per case)
  • Aged Sumatra Blue Batak
  • Costa Rica Perez Zeledon
  • Decaffeinated Colombia Calle de Cauca
  • Honduras Mata de Platano
  • Route 9 Blend
  • Ethiopia Guji Hambela Microlot [PANTRY RESERVE]
  • Ethiopia Guji Kercha Microlot [PANTRY RESERVE]
  • Ethiopia Guji Dame Dabaye Microlot [PANTRY RESERVE]
  • Colombia Los Jazmines (direct farm)
  • Kenya Karimiuki AA Microlot [PANTRY RESERVE]
  • Pantry Freeze Dried Instant Coffee - Building the Dream
  • Pantry Coffee Subscription
  • Gift Card
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