Tanzania Mbeya (Single Origin)

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Tasting Notes: Cocoa Powder, Brown Spice

Process: Washed, sun-dried

Altitude: 1600-1800

This coffee was handpicked by smallholder farmers who are members of the Usongwe, Mwakakum and Umoja wa Songwe cooperatives. Geoffrey George Mbemba lives in the village of Mshewe and is a member of the Mwakakum co-op. He is 30 years old and has been farming for 10 years, since inheriting his 1-acre farm (765 trees) from his father. Geoffrey supports his wife, three children and grandmother with his coffee-production income. Last season he was able to produce 250 kgs of green coffee from his farm, earning more than 1 million Tanzania Shillings (about $440) in profit, which he plans to use, in part, to plant another acre in the coming season. [Genuine Origin]

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