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Production Roasting Workshop
Production Roasting Workshop

Production Roasting Workshop


Participants will learn the basics of production roasting on our Probat P5-2.  They will understand the process of taking a green coffee we have purchased for the store and roasting it on three different production recipes to decide what recipe reflects the best version of the coffee we want to sell.  We will learn about how sample roasting is different than production roasting, and also cup the coffee we roasted.

Participants will have the opportunity to watch us roast coffee, and learn about the program we use to make sure our recipes are consistent. Participants will have the opportunity to roast coffee with us and operate and control the roaster.

The class will include an overview of the cupping process, which is the industry standard method of tasting and evaluating coffee. 

This is a 4 hour class. This is a private or semi-private class depending on other student enrollment. Cost is not pro-rated by number of participants.  No experience is required.

All classes are held at our roastery and production space

3091 Route 9

Cold Spring | New York 10516


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