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Full Day Barista Workshop

Full Day Barista Workshop

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This full day workshop will cover both sides of our espresso bar - operating an espresso machine, making espresso based drinks, and dialing in drip and/or pour over coffee. You will dial in espresso on our grinders, pull a shot of espresso, steam milk, pour latte art, clean and maintain equipment, dial in our bulk grinders to brew drip and pour overs.

Flow of Day

Espresso extraction - learn about the factors and variables that affect flavor

Dial in Espresso - learn the proper technique to produce a delicious a sweet and balanced shot.

Steam Milk - we will discuss how to transform milk into a smooth, velvety latte texture, and how to pour latte art.

Make a finished drink - Construct a drink from beginning to end

Dial in Pour Overs - Learn about brewing ratios and techniques

This is a five-hour class with a one-hour lunch break (lunch is not included). This is a private or semi-private class depending on other student enrollment. Cost is not pro-rated by number of participants.  No experince is required.

All classes are held at our roastery and production space and are not available on Sundays.  Once you book your session, we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.



Roastery & Production Space

3091 Route 9

Cold Spring | New York 10516


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